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Alpaca YarnHave you ever felt alpaca fleece before? If not, you will be AMAZED at how amazingly soft it is. You can spin a fleece immediately after it's sheared with little or no cleaning or processing. Hand-spinners love to work with this lovely fiber.

Alpaca is used in to make exquisite luxury garments and high-fashion clothing from scarves to suits, gloves, hats and coats.

Alpaca makes lovely yarn in both natural and dyed colors.

At our farm store, we offer a selection of many different fine alpaca products including woven alpaca scarves, woven purses, dyed alpaca yarn in brilliant colors, alpaca fleece teddy bears, alpaca gloves, blankets, finger puppets, felted alpaca hats, knit hats, alpaca socks and more. We encourage you to visit our farm and store.

Alpaca Products

Alpaca Farm Store

Alpaca Teddy Bears
Alpaca Teddy Bears and other Stuffed Animals from Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca Toy

Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca Scarves

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About Alpaca Fleece

Alpacas have a thick and woolly fleece that we shear off once a year on our annual shearing day—similar to the way wool is harvested from sheep—in a process that does not harm the alpaca. The fleeces are then processed into end products like yarn, felt, clothing and accessories.

Alpacas come in more natural colors than any other fleece producing animal. As a result, we can have natural, 100% dye free yarn and products in colors that range from black to white, rose-greys, silver greys, and every shade of brown from the lightest to the darkest.

Sheep's wool contains an oil called lanolin that some people are allergic to, but alpaca fleece is not oily at all and does not usually cause allergies.

Alpaca fleece is all natural, strong, very beautiful and ultra-soft.

Please call or e-mail to schedule a visit.

A Goode View Alpaca Farm, LLC, James and Lisa Beck, 1473 Heathwood Drive, Goode, Virginia 24556
Farm: 540-586-4732   Lisa: 610-220-0701   Jim: 215-416-2932   

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