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                           Maremmas Italian Herd Dogs

All of our maremma livestock guard dogs are registered with the Maremma Sheepdog Club of America. We will be taking reservations for pups; if you are interested, please contact us. All dogs are available to see at the farm or we can send you photos or videos.

Meet our maremmas, Enzo (birthdate 10/2012 male), Bella (birthdate 2/2013 female), and Bianca (birthdate 2/2013 female).

Maremma Guard Dogs
Breeding and training maremmas at our Virginia farm

Maremma Guarding the Herd
Maremma Guarding the Alpaca Herd

Maremma Dog Maremma Dog

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About Maremmas
About Maremmas - the Italian herd dogs

Maremmas are large dogs, originally from Italy, that have been bred and raised to guard livestock such as sheep, goats, llamas and in this case, alpacas. You will sometimes see them referred to as LGD's for Livestock Guard Dogs.

Maremma Puppies

Learn more about purchasing properly trained maremmas at Maremma SheepDog Club of America

Maremma Puppies

Maremmas Playing

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